The impact of a simple word

Writers have always intrigued me right from the very beginning. I love reading and I always wondered how a writer’s mind worked, the stroke of genius which enables them to so eloquently from words into long meaningful sentences and come up with entire novels which are then read by the millions across the world.Image

Isn’t it fascinating how their simple books and articles manage to impact the masses in such a profound way?  These simple words are reflected upon, read and re-read and then quoted, time and time again.

Yet despite seeming like such a simple and hassle free job, being a writer is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Every word has to be carefully measured, written so as to completely explain the meaning without trying to mislead the reader.

Inspiration is the most important thing while writing. To some it may come naturally but to others, a lot of time and concentration has to be devoted just to come up with a simple paragraph.

Writing new articles to publish in my blog has my mind spinning like a Ferris wheel at times, back tracking through multiple encounters with different people across different phases of my life. Writing seems to bring back all those little incidents and past memories which are sometimes taken for granted and at other times just long forgotten.

ImageWhile writing, a writer not only has to focus on the basic topic at hand. Every single gesture, movement, flicker of the eye, tick of the clock has to be taken into consideration and pondered upon. The detailed description of every single one of these external factors is mandatory, to not only draw a vivid image in the reader’s mind, but to draw their attention to the main incident which you wish to describe. Only then can you come up with a master piece worth reading.

Remember, words leave a lasting impact. An impact so great can leave not only a lasting presence but also has the ability to change a person in the most drastic of ways.

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