My blogging addiction

This is so true!

This is so true!

I never really knew how addictive writing could become. It’s a lot like young love, slowly developing and then rapidly blooming over time. It is also beautifully therapeutic. I started this blog just as a simple past time. Somewhere I could go and jot down all my random thoughts, stuff that troubles and inspires me and somewhere I can hopefully go back to in years to come and see how far I’ve come, the changes my mind has gone through as well as reflect on all that I learn as time goes on.

But what I never really expected was that this blog would slowly become a part of me, a tiny fragment around which my thoughts revolve. A journey through which I am learning so much, reading the things other bloggers have to say, sharing ideas and information, partaking in all our collective little joys as well as sympathising and being able to relate to many others and the problems which they face.

I can now say that I am in love with blogging, completely and truly. After having now expressed my profound love for blogging above, I have decided to write down all the reasons which make this experience so special, in the very hopes that I will be able to convince some of my other friends (Yes Zaira I’m looking at you!) to join in and get blogging!

  • The best part of blogging is the fact that it opens up a doorway for you to express yourself. It is a platform where you can write to your heart’s content without any restrictions, reservations or objections. It’s your very own little domain. There are no boundaries to hold you back in this little world. You can express yourself completely without having to hesitate
  • Once you click that little ‘publish’ button, your work is out there for the entire world to see. No nasty editors refusing to publish your article and no having to wait in line just to be given due attention.
  • Each little notification be it a little ‘like’, a new follower or a comment (be it good or bad criticism) is like a gentle hug received and treasured with utmost care.
  • Another aspect which I truly love is that no matter where you live, or how you write someone, somewhere out there will be willing to give your little “piece of randomness” a read. And this in itself is the best encouragement and appreciation one can get. My little stat’s page has now become the centre of my adoration (I admit this proudly without the slightest hint of embarrassment).
  • Each blog posts is like a little outlet, where you can go vent out everything on your mind until that little voice inside of you has had its fill, voiced its opinion and declared its insecurities and finally found a sense of satisfaction.
  • And then how can I forget that little “Reader” Section which not only allows you to view what other bloggers have recently updated but keeps track of every single blog you’ve followed, alerting you to any new entry they make.

There are many more reasons which have me so engrossed in my little blog world but if I were to carry on I might never stop! So do you share my love and addiction too or am I the only nutter around?

To each his own

I have a friend who thinks I’m a complete crack pot for filling up pages upon pages of random blog posts.  He along with many others, doesn’t get the point of why my blog has me so hitched that at times I think it has permanently taken up residence in a part of my brain, screaming to be given due thought and attention.

But blogging aside, what I don’t understand is his, along with many other of my friend’s point blank refusal to read not only my blog, but any form of literature. After much observation I have come to the conclusion that there are basically two types of people in this world. Us normal mortals, who can’t go a day without some form of literally context passing under our noses, and the “abnormal” ones who would rather sit and die of boredom than even touch a book.

Both these categories of people fail to understand one another. The so-called book worms don’t get how people can overlook all that treasure, hungrily waiting to be read and absorbed-I for one, consider it one of the best past times. It’s almost like you’re inside a complete different world, somewhat of an escape. Despite that I also don’t agree with completely burying oneself inside one’s books and becoming a complete nerd, making you socially inept and incapable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy-And then there is that second category of people, who idle away their talent over useless pastimes, never going near a book for fear of catching some fatal disease.  At times like that I always remember that quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero

“To each his own”

I have always wondered what brings on that complete love for reading. Maybe it’s something in the genes that has to be inherited, or maybe it’s just something which is developed over time. But there’s one thing for certain, reading is like a cigarette. You either love it or hate it, and once addicted it’s often hard to let go.

Coffee Anyone?

Did someone just say coffee? Mmmm yum yum! The mere mention of the word is enough to make my taste buds start tingling. It’s as though my brain cells can sense its presence and start dancing this crazy joyous jig, together with that intoxicating divine smell of freshly filtered coffee, makes me feel almost HEAVENLY! There’s something rather magical about that freshly brewed brown/black liquid, that delicious  concoction that brings a caffeinated joy that only coffee can give.

Coffee is that sole beverage which is considered somewhat of a comfort food or should I say drink and is popular among the masses, irrespective of age, gender, religion or culture. It is consumed daily on a humongous scale throughout the globe especially in the USA.  Some would argue that coke and tea are just as well-known and widely favoured, but I beg to differ-Tea is barely popular among kids and coke is forbidden for those suffering from diabetes– In addition I must also point out that coffee is now added to cakes, muffins, toffee, ice-cream and even chocolate. Taken cold, hot or however your heart desires. In comparison, ever heard of tea flavoured cake? Or even tea flavoured ice-cream? I doubt it.

Personally I absolutely refuse to call myself a coffee addict, (my mother would say otherwise) though one mug per day is mandatory for my little body to function at its best. Be it freshly ground filter coffee, Brazil’s best instant ground beans in a jar or a little sachet of some unknown brand packed up with powdered milk and sweetener, I’ll hungrily gulp it all down.

Let’s rewind a few years .I was 17, sick of tea and in dire need of something to keep me perked up and focused during the long endless nights of college exam prep. Coffee presented itself to me in the form of a beautiful steaming hot mug full of deliciousness. That’s when my love for it really began. Almost three years down the line, we’re as inseparable as a newly wedded couple.

My very own special coffee mug-A present from my mum.I love it to bits! :)

My very own special coffee mug-A present from my mum.I love it to bits! 🙂

Back then, my mother had this inconceivable notion that if I were to continue having coffee I would not only develop stomach ulcers but would also tragically die of intestinal rupture. No exaggerations there (I think I have succeeded in reassuring her now).She even used to go as far as hiding the jar of coffee or else putting it on a shelf beyond my reach, some place she thought I’d be innocent enough to overlook. But not me, no. I was never that easily fooled. I would ransack the kitchen whenever she was out, hunt down that coffee jar and make myself comfortable while I sat watching the kettle boil. Then I’d sit back and enjoy my steaming cup of heaven, wash up my cup after I was done and creep out of the kitchen like a criminal. Turns out I’m not very good at hiding things, she used to come back and somehow know what I had done. Maybe it was just that guilty look on my face that made her suspicious!

I found this rather amusing!

I found this rather amusing!

However, despite my adoration for coffee I barely ever exceed one mug per day (excluding exam time of course, but extra is justified during that stressful period). My mother’s continuous warnings have finally hit their mark and I dare not surpass my limit for fear of those dreaded ulcers and burnt out intestines.

According to a recent study, on average 300mg of caffeine is safe for adult consumption on a daily basis. However this is also duly dependent upon the person’s weight and age as well as their general reaction towards caffeine.

I came across a number of articles while trying to prove to my mum that a mug full a day was perfectly safe (she’s a tea drinker, through and through). Clink on the links below if you’re interested. You might just find them useful.

How much coffee is safe?

What is a safe amount of caffeine

Caffeine Content of Food & Drugs

Till then, for all those coffee lovers out there, consider us soul-mates!

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK-there go the last few hours on my teenage clock!!

So it’s the 14thof June today and the countdown has already begun. In approximately 67 days or 1608 hours, 96480 minutes and 5788800 seconds I will no longer be a teenager! The first word that comes to my mind is “Already?!”

My teenage life has passed by in what seems like a blur; the two years right after my 18th birthday have flashed past with such haste that I have no idea where the time went. The annoying part is this:

You just get used to being 18, when all of a sudden you’re no longer 18…but since you’re so used to telling people you’re 18, you no longer remember you’re now 19 when asked your age! And when you FINALLY get used to being 19, along comes the next big milestone! (And trust me, for most of you turning 20 was a huge milestone even if you no longer admit it!) And BAM! The clock strikes twelve a.m. and your 20th year begins. So much for sentimentality.

The fact is that time no longer holds that same value it once did, months melt into days without a trace and just like that the year is over before we even know it.

Just under two decades of my insignificant life will be over within weeks and I can wave goodbye to those pesky teenage years which make us all think the world revolves around our very existence. (No excuse for being so big-headed anymore-sigh!)  I will no longer be a part of that ‘class of youngsters’ who have the word teen wedged at the end of their age. It is at this point in time that you begin to realize your time is running out, in another two decades you turn 40 and then it’s all downhill from there.

We’ve all had those moments (myself included), some of which we wish we could re-live, others completely erase and others still just re-do a different way. But focussing too much on the past and how things should have been done will only bring you down.

Despite my continued efforts of not making this little blog post into a sob story, I still seem to be failing miserably. I can almost see you nodding your head in agreement now while the somewhat older readers will soon start wondering why I’m making such a huge issue over turning 20.But plainly speaking; my rapidly approaching 20thbirthday has succeeded in scaring the shit out of me.

Tick-Tock goes my clock

Tick-Tock goes my clock

Despite all that, my sensible side has kicked in today. So instead of feeling sorry for myself I have decided to analyse myself and make a list. YES A LIST.  Regardless of having made a number of them over the years and never ever EVER sticking to them I have still decided to give it one last go.

So here are some of the things I have decided to focus more on which will hopefully make my 20th year somewhat of an achievement.


I have decided it’s time I started taking a few more risks in my life. Everyone always says that these years are crucial. It’s the time when you should stick to your guts, follow your heart and go that extra mile. So why not break away from those little boundaries you bind yourself to by your own choice and take a chance?


Never be afraid to dream, and when you do dream, dream BIG! Nevertheless there’s no point having a whole load of dreams stuck up in your head. Once formed a dream must be pursued until its achieved.

This always brings that song by Uncle Kracker to mind-“Livin’ the dream”. It’s been one of favourites ever since I heard it and it goes like this:

“Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I’ve ever known. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone and I’ll keep livin’ my life livin’ the dream on my own. And I’ve made up my mind; I ain’t wasting no more time…”


Now I’m not one of those people who go around with a permanent scowl on their faces but I’m not exactly much of a ‘smiler’ either.  It’s just something I’d like to do more of. After all, I always tell myself I’ll have the right to be a grumpy old cow later down the line anyway-that’s justified. The simple fact that we are alive, well and cared for should be celebrated with at least a smile a day if not more!

SET YOUR GOALS-Make Another List:

I’m starting to like this list making business again. Despite not being able to stick to them, it’s quite comforting having an outline of what you wish to achieve even if it’s just something you keep in your own head. Now I have decided that there are a number of other things I also want to do such as learning to ride a motorbike and then saving up to buy a sports bike,

One day this baby will be all MINE! =D

One day this baby will be all MINE! =D

go scuba diving and bungee jumping and other ordinary stuff like that 😀

But fantasies aside the first thing on the agenda is completing my university degree. Oh and by the way, I’m still technically a teenager for the next couple of months-Oh the joy!

“Mirror Mirror”

I wasted an hour and a half of my life last night. You ask me how? I watched “Mirror Mirror”.

Mirror Mirror

Yes! That recent film starring Julia Roberts. Generally the mere mention of her name has me all excited and worked up about what the movie has in store but nothing could have been more disappointing than when I realized that this particular movie is based on a fairy tale. You guessed it, Snow white and the seven dwarfs.

Snow White & the seven dwarfs

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs-The cartoon version I loved!

But hey, who doesn’t like a happy ending right? And so keeping this in mind, instead of taking the time out to read up on the reviews or even watch the trailer for that matter, I simply went along and played the movie knowing very well that one of my favourite actresses was playing the key role.

But after I was done watching it, even that little fact no longer remained a consolation. I mean why make this disappointing disaster of a movie and ruin a perfectly good memory of the fairy tale cartoon for people around the world?!

The movie starts on a pretty good note. The way Julia Roberts(The Queen) begins telling us her tale (instead of the snow-white story) with a couple of twists is actually quite interesting and gets you all geared up for what’s to follow. However not long after, the disappointment sets in.

I do admit there were a couple of moments when the dwarfs were successful in making me laugh, with their clever little quips and funny names. But they alone, were the sole source of humour throughout the movie.

The dwarf's from the movie-Loved em!

The dwarf’s from the movie-Loved em!

The most ridiculous part of the whole thing was the ending, when the princess (snow-white) finally marries the prince. But instead of leaving it at that and following the typical “they lived happily ever after” theme, snow-white suddenly breaks into this absolutely crazy song and dance-it seemed as though she’d suddenly been engulfed in some sort of wild fit – without any prior warning, and then all the people join in too while the King just stands there making hideous expressions.

Now I wouldn’t deem it a complete failure, after all I did actually sit through and watch the whole thing but if you were to ask me to pick between the “snow white and seven dwarfs” cartoon and mirror mirror, I would go for the former without a moment’s hesitation despite having watched it multiple times before during my childhood.

It wasn’t all bad though, the costumes were put together beautifully, and Julia Roberts played her part to perfection, despite the odd nature of the whole thing. But would I sit through and watch the whole thing one more time? Wouldn’t even dream of it.

And so one hour and 23 minutes later, I’m yawning while staring at my computer screen wondering what the point of the whole movie was in the first place, apart from the fact that it aided in putting me to sleep right after it ended. Bravo!

The only consolation was the fact that I was sensible enough to watch it at home which saved me from a wasted trip to the cinema.

The “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant” – Day 1

3rd June’2012- As the sun began to set across the grey sky leaving behind a glowing faint redness similar to the blushing cheeks of a young girl, it also marked the end of the first day in a three-day celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in England.

Queen Elizabeth-II

Queen Elizabeth-II

The day started with a pretty dismal beginning. The cold wind blew with a rage and the grey skies beat down rain mercilessly upon the crown gathered across the many bridges along the River Thames to pay homage to one of the greatest women of the country.At age 86, Queen Elizabeth the II marks her 60 year reign in the country amid a series of festivities, more of which we are to observe as the week progresses.

The most interesting factor of the entire day was to witness the zeal and enthusiasm of all people within the country, their display of patriotism and the vigour with which they waved their flags and shouted cheers for Her Majesty.

The enthusiastic display of patriotism by the masses

The enthusiastic display of patriotism by the masses

British people aren’t really known to express their enthusiasm as such-I say this having had encountered a number of people displaying a general lack of it on a number of occasions-However today their eagerness knew no bounds as they were lined up across the bridge, braving bad weather conditions since as early as 6 a.m. in the morning to witness the “Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant”

The Queen, along with the other members of the Royal family were afloat the Royal Barge which was decorated by an array of intricate gold and red markings, symbolising royalty and grandeur.

The Royal Barge

The Royal Barge

The whole river came to life as a thousand different boats wound their way in and out of the currents manned by powerful men and athletic women who demonstrated a great deal of spirit and passion in their rowing.

The flotilla of 1000man-powered boats

The flotilla of 1000 man-powered boats

The highlight of the whole event was when the Royal Barge, having made its way past the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, steadily wound through The Tower Bridge which was lifted completely especially for this occasion.

The grand finale of the event was the performance by the Royal orchestra and as the music drew to a close, and the final ring of the trumpets resonated across the evening skies, fireworks exploded amid a humongous uproar of cheers, laughter and applause from the crowds lining the river from all sides.

The display of fireworks across The Tower Bridge

The amazing display of fireworks across The Tower Bridge

This was only the beginning of a series of great events which took three years of thorough planning and detailed organising to make it possible to execute on this day. And as all of Britain is geared up in the mood of celebrating, we are yet to see more of equally superb moments.

Till then, Happy holidays to all my fellow Brits! 🙂

For more pictures featuring the whole day please click here:

Me and my random ramblings!

Here I am, sitting with my laptop perched on my lap, doing a few odds and ends which usually occupy a good few hours of my day at the most, wondering what to do with this large white sheet of paper spread across my screen, silently screaming to be filled with the million random thoughts that are going round and round in my head making it spin like a merry-go-round. And while I sit here wondering what-to and what-not-to write about without people labelling me as a complete Nutter, a rather odd thought has pushed itself to the surface of my already brimming mind.

Isn’t it funny how we humans generally like to categorize people among us into different types? We have all these stereotypes of what a perfect man or woman should be like, how they should dress, behave, act, talk and the works…

I always wondered if these stereotypes existed within the animal kingdom. After much observation and a careful analysis of the number of pets I’ve come across at different friends and family’s houses (we don’t keep pets owing to the fact that one of my sisters has a huge fear of all living creatures apart of humans-literally) within my short life, I’ve come to the conclusion that animals are not as gifted as humans when it comes to complicated task of labelling the odd balls among them.

A funny clip I came across on the internet

A funny clip I came across on the internet

But what has really got me thinking is this:

Humans are the most intelligent of the created beings on this earth, supposing it was the other way around and animals were the ones in charge.

Wouldn’t it be comical to one day wake up to have a donkey, dressed as a post man standing at your front door with the morning delivery? And then going to the bus stop; waiting for the bus only to find the bus being driven by a kangaroo or a wolf!

It would not only be hilariously ridiculous, I’m sure a lot of us will finally have the chance of overcoming those animal phobias we are so afraid to admit.

Yes I know you’re also secretly afraid of getting too close to a donkey. You never know when it might have that sudden crazy urge of swinging its hind leg and hitting you right across the face. Though sometimes I do wish all donkeys were as interesting as “Donkey” from Shrek.

Donkey from Shrek-Isn't he dashing?!

Donkey from Shrek- Isn’t he dashing?!

But as usual I think my imagination has gotten the better of me. And so until that next burst of randomness hits me, happy reading!

Hope you enjoy the rest of my articles. You can bank on the fact that they’re nowhere near as pointless as this one.