Coffee Anyone?

Did someone just say coffee? Mmmm yum yum! The mere mention of the word is enough to make my taste buds start tingling. It’s as though my brain cells can sense its presence and start dancing this crazy joyous jig, together with that intoxicating divine smell of freshly filtered coffee, makes me feel almost HEAVENLY! There’s something rather magical about that freshly brewed brown/black liquid, that delicious  concoction that brings a caffeinated joy that only coffee can give.

Coffee is that sole beverage which is considered somewhat of a comfort food or should I say drink and is popular among the masses, irrespective of age, gender, religion or culture. It is consumed daily on a humongous scale throughout the globe especially in the USA.  Some would argue that coke and tea are just as well-known and widely favoured, but I beg to differ-Tea is barely popular among kids and coke is forbidden for those suffering from diabetes– In addition I must also point out that coffee is now added to cakes, muffins, toffee, ice-cream and even chocolate. Taken cold, hot or however your heart desires. In comparison, ever heard of tea flavoured cake? Or even tea flavoured ice-cream? I doubt it.

Personally I absolutely refuse to call myself a coffee addict, (my mother would say otherwise) though one mug per day is mandatory for my little body to function at its best. Be it freshly ground filter coffee, Brazil’s best instant ground beans in a jar or a little sachet of some unknown brand packed up with powdered milk and sweetener, I’ll hungrily gulp it all down.

Let’s rewind a few years .I was 17, sick of tea and in dire need of something to keep me perked up and focused during the long endless nights of college exam prep. Coffee presented itself to me in the form of a beautiful steaming hot mug full of deliciousness. That’s when my love for it really began. Almost three years down the line, we’re as inseparable as a newly wedded couple.

My very own special coffee mug-A present from my mum.I love it to bits! :)

My very own special coffee mug-A present from my mum.I love it to bits! 🙂

Back then, my mother had this inconceivable notion that if I were to continue having coffee I would not only develop stomach ulcers but would also tragically die of intestinal rupture. No exaggerations there (I think I have succeeded in reassuring her now).She even used to go as far as hiding the jar of coffee or else putting it on a shelf beyond my reach, some place she thought I’d be innocent enough to overlook. But not me, no. I was never that easily fooled. I would ransack the kitchen whenever she was out, hunt down that coffee jar and make myself comfortable while I sat watching the kettle boil. Then I’d sit back and enjoy my steaming cup of heaven, wash up my cup after I was done and creep out of the kitchen like a criminal. Turns out I’m not very good at hiding things, she used to come back and somehow know what I had done. Maybe it was just that guilty look on my face that made her suspicious!

I found this rather amusing!

I found this rather amusing!

However, despite my adoration for coffee I barely ever exceed one mug per day (excluding exam time of course, but extra is justified during that stressful period). My mother’s continuous warnings have finally hit their mark and I dare not surpass my limit for fear of those dreaded ulcers and burnt out intestines.

According to a recent study, on average 300mg of caffeine is safe for adult consumption on a daily basis. However this is also duly dependent upon the person’s weight and age as well as their general reaction towards caffeine.

I came across a number of articles while trying to prove to my mum that a mug full a day was perfectly safe (she’s a tea drinker, through and through). Clink on the links below if you’re interested. You might just find them useful.

How much coffee is safe?

What is a safe amount of caffeine

Caffeine Content of Food & Drugs

Till then, for all those coffee lovers out there, consider us soul-mates!

10 thoughts on “Coffee Anyone?

  1. only 2 words “Yummmmmy Yum” (: I myself am a Coffee addict and my mother also keep reminding that Coffee is not that good for health but as you have mentioned 300mg of daily Coffee is okay (usually consume less than that) so for now I can proudly show my mother… “amma Coffee is not a drug, its a Vitamin”

    loved your blog but most of all what brought more energy was those side taglines (: totally rocking (: keep it up (;

    (: have a break, have a Coffee (:

  2. Seems like ur talkng abt me here :p and missy..wen i said the same thng, that how much coffee is safe, u said that wasnt true and that i shudnt bleeve the internet -_-

  3. Reading this made me wanna be addicted to coffee, but I prefer not to rely on coffee to function properly (at least not yet ,at our age). Because since its an addiction you won’t be able to work properly without it , don’t you agree?

    • Iv experimented with working without it for a certain period of time..and i function pretty well (hence im not really addicted), its not as dangerous or addictive as our parents made us believe when we were children, esp if u take it moderately 😀

      • mena, this is old now :p I m pretty sure u didn’t do anything real in your certain period of time and you have way more then 300mg missy -_-

    • Humayun: Ah! What a compliment! Thanks for dropping by.
      Yes I suppose you are right to some extent,on the other hand a small amount of caffeine does help increase our input over time.
      But yes,don’t make it a habit.You might just end up like me! *shudders*

      Mena: We might not be addicted,but there are some repercussions.I get terrible headaches if I miss it for a couple of days.Still,wouldn’t give it up for the world!

      • And Nadia, I like to use coffee as a last resort you know like the times when don’t have the time and the times your brain stops working. Those are the times coffee should be used for :p

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