Working at the Olympics (London 2012) – Those little Accomplishments!

The summer of 2011 took my life though a complete twist. The set plan, around which my life revolved, was completely eradicated bringing about a complete transformation. Throughout this year many things around me changed, bringing with them a stronger resolve and new-found confidence in me which I lacked before today.

One of the things which I discovered is my absolute love for writing. Through my written words I have found the courage to express myself completely and without hesitation. Writing has caused that uncertainty to slowly fade away,bringing out with it the new-found ability to verbally express myself and genuinely capture people’s interest while conversing.

Call it lack of confidence, an absence of self-esteem or maybe a mixture of both, but before my twentieth birthday I never would have imagined myself working at the London 2012 Olympic games,let alone being able to get through an interview and express myself without going red in the face and causing myself ample amounts of embarrassment and unease.

At the end of my first week working at the Olympic and Paralympic Games,I was asked by the University of East London to write an article, sharing my thoughts and experiences to help motivate other students to take part in such activities.This was to be published on their blog created especially for the Olympics.

Located around twenty minutes from the Olympic Park, UEL have been at the forefront of the whole event.They had a brand new sports dock and gym built-in specifically for the Olympian athletes to train and practise during the games,and are also providing their premises for the athletes to stay in.

So here’s my humble little attempt at doing justice to my summer job, my experience and the amazing people I’ve had a chance to meet and work with.Click the link below, this will take you directly to my article.

UEL Student works at Capture the Event , London 2012