Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

From behind the fence of barbed wire he watches the sky as the sun slowly begins to set, ending with it another long tiring day. He rubs his once soft hands, now coarse and hard due to manual work,over his face and tired eyes.Somewhere in the distance, the young street kids bring their ball game to an end as the street lights switch on, brightening the dusky sky with their fluorescent glow.

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

He takes a deep breath, his face a mask of concentration as he watches the skyline, noticing the rapidly darkening sky and the beautiful shifting of the clouds illuminated by the setting sun. Day after day he watches the setting sun, awed by the beauty of colours splashed across the purpley-blue sky.

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

Despite his calm exterior and unreadable eyes, a storm rages deep within him. A torrent of emotions kept buried deep within him always so strongly bound, now threaten to break loose. He keeps his eyes transfixed on the skyline.  The rapidly falling temperature and the shadowy patches depict the arrival of the night.

A gust of desert wind blows, forcing him to close his eyes against the dust and sand. It blows over him and his thudding heart, causing him to shudder as the well of deeply buried emotions pushes itself to the surface.

He feels gagged by the pressure, his throat constricts as he gulps down unshed tears. He lifts his eyes so full of anguish,once again to the barbed fence and can’t help but notice the irony. He feels shackled. Tied up and bound by a distance so long, a time so precarious and a soul so lonesome.

Desolation slowly begins to seep through him.

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE

Photo credits:Sharjeel Nasir, Location: UAE


A simple decision-that lethal eight letter word which has the ability to turn your world upside down and inside out. Keeping you on edge until the very last moment; waiting for you to take one wrong turn so it can screw you with a vengeance.

Frustration slowly but surely begins to mount, the pressure builds up at the back of your head, leading to a point when the next person who dares to offer a word to counter your argument becomes the target of your rage and you beat down upon them in retaliation, looking for an outlet for all that stress. That sudden knee jerk reaction, forced out of compulsion leads to consequences far greater than you could imagine.

Humans are programmed to rely on one another’s opinion. What becomes hard is when there are too many paths to follow and only a single decision to make. The weight of which rests on your shoulders, causing you to stand there silently and suck it up with a brave face or else be trodden on and brushed aside with the flick of a finger.

Life you see is race; a race which we have all been destined to run. The path we take however depends solely upon us. We can either choose one way or another. The outcome of which is decided only upon the completion of our journey. That’s when we begin to realise how badly we’ve screwed up. Blaming does no good; for the opinion provided may have been wrong, but the option to follow it was entirely a matter of our own choice.

Choices and decisions go hand in hand. For what may look all glittery and easy on the exterior could certainly have a horrifying interior. Carefully concealed and hidden with perfection. But that’s the uncertainty of life; after all, the life we live is imperfect.

Winter is near…

I close my eyes and lift my head heavenward, feeling the cold wind prickle and sting my face leaving it red and sore with cold. My feet have long since become numb, swollen and heavy despite the presence of three pairs of socks and the  thick lining of my boots. Nothing is able to fend off the cold.

I huddle in my jacket, my hands buried deep within my pockets, seeking little comfort from the storm raging around me. Cold rain beats down hard, blown around with the might of the wind. It blows with a bone chilling ferocity, beating down upon me as though in a fit of rage. Standing still in one position is no longer a plausible option, for the wind shakes me to the very core.

The sky, once a beautiful blanket of fluffy blue clouds which surrounded a golden glowing ball of warmth has now been replaced by a bleak sheet of never-ending white and grey. The golden ball of light has long since disappeared from sight, carefully concealed behind the ferocious black clouds.

A feeling of gloom and dread has descended upon the earth. Glum faces with deep-set lifeless eyes pierce mine. People everywhere keep their heads bowed down against the cold, briskly walking trying to shake off the cold, barely acknowledging one another with a nod of their head. Despair, dejection and depression are spread around like an evil mist; a thick dense fog encompassing us all.

I take it all in, unnerved by the misery surrounding me, for I welcome winter. The season has an odd peace about it, when solace is sought in the warmth of other humans huddling together as one, seeking comfort in each other’s company behind closed doors, yet at the very same time keeping away from all forms of activity outside as though afraid of what it might bring.

Away from the lashing wind, and wet sidewalks, surrounded by a multitude of blankets and cushions with a steaming hot mug of coffee in hand, contentment finally settles in. Watching the storm then, is a pleasure.

Memories buried deep

She looked out across the horizon, her thoughts a million miles away. The sun, in all its glory shone down upon the clear water, its rays bouncing off of it, making it shimmer and dance like a sprinkling of pixie dust. Despite the presence of the sun, the wind and cold were relentless and unyielding.

Across the runway; stretched out beyond the water’s edge, a plane’s engine began to hum. She watched as it slowly began to move across the runway, gradually gathering speed until its wheels lifted and it rose. Higher and higher it moved, and still she watched.

Soon the wheels began to fold inward and as it made its ascent into the blue morning sky; she watched it until it disappeared from sight, a tiny dot of nothingness, soon swallowed by the magnificence of the sky. She felt the cold wind sting her eyes, forcing the tears from them and she gathered her jacket tightly around her.

The coffee she had brought out with her helped warm her chilled hands, sore and red from the cold. She was alone out there with her thoughts, clinging to the steel bars watching the water and planes as they taxied across the runway, slowly ascending and descending between regular intervals.

As she stood there, her mind was processing a million thoughts simultaneously, all somehow entwined. She liked to come here and think, to dream. She loved the way the water never looked the same, how it seemed to reflect her mood. Sometimes calm, clear and beautiful to watch, while at other times, reckless, intense and furious. The ferocity of the wind and waves didn’t scare her. Neither did she mind the cold much, but she could feel her toes going stiff, her eyes stinging with each gust of wind that blew across her face.

Time seemed to be at a standstill while she stood there, reminiscing old times and thinking of the future.

She wondered about the uncertainty of life and how everything seemed to always have a mind of its own. She wondered why people were so unpredictable and the oddest ways in which they slowly gathered importance in our lives. But most of all she thought of moments long gone and the people who meant so much to her. She missed them with all her heart, but as she stood there alone, she knew that life would figure out things and somehow it would all work out in the end.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. – Jean De La Fontaine

Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.-Richard Bach