Time erases!

Each day brings with it an avalanche of memories, a sea of comforting faces and recollections which bring forth a torrent of emotions resulting in both tears and smiles. But time is gradually erasing all the easy conversation and jokes which we once shared. Details are becoming harder to remember, slowly fading and becoming a part of the haze which clouds my memory.

I constantly find myself pouring through old photographs, listening to silly voice recordings and repeatedly watching video’s in a struggle to outbid time. But time seems to be moving faster and faster, catching up with me and erasing my precious memories, wrapped up and treasured in my head so well up until now.

They say absence makes the heart fonder. I now realise how right they were. But prolonged absence and time, pose a threat far greater than our comprehension. And that is a frightening thought. Maybe I don’t want to forget. But time doesn’t seem to give me the option. With each passing day, the fog slowly begins to thicken. There’s nowhere to run.

None of us can escape the inevitable wrath of age and time. Each tick of the clock is slowly bringing us nearer to our end. None of us can out-run it. In a bid to make the most of our lives we spend so much time working, trying to make money, fulfilling our responsibilities, but somewhere along the way we’re forgetting how to live.

One of these days we will wake up to find ourselves old and helpless, trapped in a useless wrecked old body. Abandoned, insecure and scared. Our life will be near its end. That bundle of emotions and memories is all we will have left. Those hazy moments, slowly obliterated and thought so little of back then, will soon mean the world to us as we shrivel away trying to preserve what little we have left.

But by then the journey will be at its last stage, remembering and regretting won’t do no good then, for our life will be over. The battle will be fought, and won.

Time will out bid us all and we will come to realise our insignificance, but by then it will be too late for the end will be near; completely inescapable!


6 thoughts on “Time erases!

  1. You are way too young to be thinking these thoughts reserved for old folks like me. 🙂 But if you feel this way (right now) think about what legacy you want to leave. Its never too early to start building yours…

    • Haha, I wrote this during one of those depressing moments when I was bored and over-thinking things just a bit too much. 😀
      I love the way you encourage me Andy, thank you so much for reading!

      • Just doing my job Ms. Nadia 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog! I actually do carry a card in my wallet asking how am I going to build a legacy inn my family, or town, or place of employment or with my house of worship. Just reminders…but you are way too young to think like this. Wait until the grey hairs start popping in then you can think these things….

  2. Why, that’s sensible. But daily reminders must be so stressful to carry around.
    And I’ll take it from you. Happy thoughts from this moment onwards. I swear! 😉

  3. I hope time erases the pain away. I hope time erases the longing the unfulfilled cravings and unmet dreams.
    But I hope time never erases beautiful memories.
    Your post is so very close to my heart as I am hoping and praying that time erases the heartache of having to say bye to a dearly loved person.

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