And so she dances

Source: Afghanistan in Photographs-Facebook

Kabul, Afghanistan.9 Jan 2013

The sun’s rays filtered through the web of clouds which had the valley overhung in a grey misty depression for so long. All around her the warmth had begun to melt the snow, slowly but surely it diminished leaving behind it drops of dew. The warm rays penetrated her thin clothes and warmed her soul. The mere thought of the approaching spring and the end of the long months of suffering had lifted her spirits enough to put a smile on her face. And so for the moment she chose to forget.

The sun brought to light the beauty of the surrounding valley, the white snowy peaked mountain tops which encircled her on all four sides stood tall and strong as ever, braving the test of time, war, destruction and devastation; as had she.

Copyright: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Copyright: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Peace had returned to her little part of the world; though she were a mere child long forgotten in the loneliness and misery of all that encompassed her, beneath her chest, her heart thudded away alive and resilient as ever. No amount of wretchedness could take away her feisty young spirit and the will to live which had carried her through those long endless painful nights of terror.

Looking high above her up into the clouds, she sent a smile skyward believing it would reach up and touch the hearts of her mother and father and baby brother.

Clasping hands with her little friends who now meant more than family, she began to move with the wind. Round and round she went, lifted ever so slightly by the chilly breeze, she danced to the sound of music in her head. The melody of her mother’s voice etched within her mind, woven into her soul. She moved with the rhythm of those words and felt them flow through her blood and with each beat of her heart and the pulse of blood coursing through her veins, she had never felt happier to be alive.

Source: Afghanistan in Photographs-Facebook

nadia nawaz

10 thoughts on “And so she dances

  1. Dear Nadia — Oh what spirit, what resilience, what greatness you show us in the Afghan people! In the midst of terror, treachery and every condition that should provoke despair, your country men and women exhibit such a vitality and ability to renew themselves. I pray for peace, unanimous and everlasting, for all Peoples of this Earth. I dare to dream of the day when the People of my country mingle freely and peacefully with those of yours. I dare to further dream that the concepts of “my” and “yours” will not cross our minds on that day, for we shall think of only “We” and “Us,” common members of One Human Race, common citizens of One Planet Earth. May the One Creator of All keep you safe and bless you until then, Alia

    • What a beautiful thing to say Alia. Thank you so much.
      Your comment has warmed my heart and though I am personally not from Afghanistan, I have witnessed enough of the devastation and heard their narrations of the war to be able to relate to their conditions. The pain in their eyes is unbelievable. What people fail to realise is the amount of trauma it can cause to such young children who have no other form of escape, and know no other life than that which they live-so full of devastation.
      May all your prayers be answered and may we all find peace someday.

      • Dear Nadia — your writing is all the more powerful and poignant to me having heard that Afghanistan is not your native country. Perhaps this level of detachment helps you bear witness to this pain and trauma about which you write so clearly. I look forward to learning more with you. Blessings, Alia

  2. This is a beautiful post at every level. As someone who grew up in Pakistan and has been to Afghanistan, seen this with my own eyes, I loved it. You capture this sheer joy in the post, and the resilience of the human spirit. thank you.

    • Marilyn thank you much! It’s such a great pleasure
      I’m completely flattered by your comments especially since you have been there and witnessed it first hand.

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