A test of time –Her life


The Afghan-Tajik border. Panj river can also be seen. © Alexander

Day after day she watched as the bombs landed somewhere in the distance, not too far from her shelter, destroying her city and all she stood for. The vast valleys surrounding her with their beauty unmatched by any other place were slowly becoming a victim of the brutality of other men. Men she watched with trepidation in her eyes, yet was somehow unable to despise. For when she offered them tea or water, she saw in their eyes a nothingness and hollowness like none she had ever witnessed before. Above all she pitied them and feared for their souls, for they were mere puppets, following orders of a superior power, bound by an oath too powerful to overrule.

She spent the days tending her sick and injured babies, struggling so hard to fight a battle with an end so imminent. But she refused to give up. The dreams of a better life were forever alive within her heart. And as she lay down on the stretch of hard ground at the close of a long hard day, looking up at the stars, she recalled all that her mother had taught her so many years before.


© Photography Matthieu Paley

Years she remembered with such clarity and depth as though it were only yesterday. Those times when she used to sit on the front step of her tiny house, watching the sun go down as she waited for her daddy to come home. He would come walking down the dusty road, so tall and handsome. He would swing her high above his head and she would squeal with delight as he carried her on his shoulders into the house where her mother sat cooking.


“Rare is the union of beauty and purity”-Juvenal

It had been a while now since she had stopped questioning God. Questioning why fate had dealt her with such a harsh life. Or why her husband and father were busy fighting an unfair war for a home which was rightfully hers to begin with.

Now she understood that her life had a higher purpose and she would not let any war define her. She strove to be a better woman every day and though it took a staggering amount of will power to do so, before she closed her eyes for the night she silently forgave and prayed for the young soldiers bombing her city.

Band-i-Amir, Bamiyan, Afghanistan, by Mike Connolly

Band-i-Amir, Bamiyan, Afghanistan, by Mike Connolly

“Somehow, even in the worst of times, the tiniest fragments of good survive. It was the grip in which one held those fragments that counted.” ― Melina Marchetta, Finnikin of the Rock

“Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that continues to give meaning to life. You can spend your life wallowing in despair, wondering why you were the one who was led towards the road strewn with pain, or you can be grateful that you are strong enough to survive it.” ― J.D. Stroube, Caged by Damnation

Photographer: unknown

Photographer: unknown

nadia nawaz

8 thoughts on “A test of time –Her life

  1. Beautifully written with such empathy for your character. Sadly the choice of acceptance, forgiveness, hope and faith is so rare. Your character is filled with such quiet strength and shows the path to surviving the worst calamities, with one’s soul intact.

    • I wish we were able to muster such a profound love and forgiveness for those around us. Life would be so much more worth living.
      Thank you for stopping by. Its always a pleasure

      • Forgiveness is the greatest gift mankind has received from its Creator, yet we faithfully tend the wilderness of recrimination and reproach in our hearts till its fruit, hatred, grows so big it consumes us, Misguidedly people tend to think that nursing hatred is actually hurting the person who caused the pain, when in actual fact the pain grows a little more each time we tend it and our hurt deepens so it only ends up hurting us. Forgiveness is the key to releasing our minds, hearts, and souls from the repression of recrimination and hatred.

  2. Yeah… My heart cries for.. all this.. mess we’re in.. I dunno when will it stop or this is how the world will end.. Fire.. and hatred

    Anyways. Great writing. As usual. Sorry for a late comment. Yer know how it is =/

    • The least we can do to help is pray and raise awareness and I’m trying this through my words.
      Dont’ be sorry, I’m glad you had the chance to read it.
      Tough routine eh?

  3. Thank you again, Nadia for such a profound, yet poignant portrait of the harshness and brutality of war. It amazes me that there are those in such circumstances who choose to bear witness and forgive. There are those who understand that love will ultimately win the day and that to add to the hatred that is already so evident will only delay that day. Thank you for helping me see that there are human angels in these places who are there to keep the soul of the land and the People of that land from being destroyed completely by the insanity of the few whose lust for wealth and power considers only the profits to be made and the jurisdiction to be assumed. Blessings, Alia

    • The world we live in is in dire need of such people and their patience. After all humanity and forgiveness is becoming a thing of the past and I fear the day when such things become entirely non-existent.
      Thank you Alia, for taking the time to read and comment. You’re simply amazing!

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