Unleashing mysteries-Lost within the euphoria of the writer’s world


A thousand thoughts are born, some sustaining the long night while others seem to diminish as abruptly as they are created. Succumbing to a nothingness, they vaporize into oblivion like the smoke from the wick of a blown out candle as it vanishes into thin air.

A world where constraints are unheard of and feelings and emotions are free to rise up as they slowly form a picture in her mind and flow out of her fingers one after the other.

They provide only but a glimpse into her heart, producing a magic unmatched by any other as tangled thoughts slowly come to life painting a picture so vivid the very air she breathes remains frozen in a dazed anticipation, patiently waiting.

As she continues to pour forth her words, a frenzied calm washes over her, taking her to a world far beyond reach. A place where time has no meaning and the only sound is that of the gentle tap-tap of the keyboard keys as each word is ingrained onto the white expanse awaiting them so invitingly.

She whispers the word slowly, as they course through the blood running through her veins, producing a high like none other.

Lost within the euphoria of the moment she writes with her heart on the line loving every single second of it, losing herself within the stillness of the moment. She carries on, pausing for a few seconds to reassemble the tangled web of images before continuing once again, quenching that over powering hunger of feelings piled so high till all runs dry and she smiles in relief.

Nadia Nawaz

17 thoughts on “Unleashing mysteries-Lost within the euphoria of the writer’s world

  1. Oh my goodness! This is so awesome. So adeptly unleashed the mystery. It really gave a feeling of unleashing something, with all the curiosity. BUT, Hang on! In unleashing one mystery, feels like another is created.
    The beauty of this writing item is beyond words.. It mesmerizes, girl! :O It really does.. And there you won as a WRITER!
    Yes, in [capitals] .

  2. I didn’t mean this post, I mean your writing, it has so much depth and emotion and beauty. Besides that you write about subjects which many people do not understand, like forgiveness. Some take a long journey through life and do not get half the wisdom.

    • I feel honoured that you feel that way about my writing.
      There’s always some kind of emotion that drives these posts and once I start I just can’t stop until I’ve completed what I set out to achieve. I wonder if its like that for all people who write..
      Thank you for your compliments, they really made my day!

  3. “Succumbing to a nothingness, they vaporize into oblivion like the smoke from the wick of a blown out candle as it vanishes into thin air ” Hi Nadia — This qualifies as one of the most exquisite descriptions I have ever read. What and image. And the mermaid is wonderful too! I think you should adopt her as your Avatar. Hugs, Alia.

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