Gateways to the soul

Kabul. Afghanistan © Nazir Ekhlass

Kabul. Afghanistan © Nazir Ekhlass

He kicked a stone in the centre of the path he was walking along, and watched silently as it clattered along the alleyway slowly coming to a stop. The sound of it echoed through the night and filled it with life, if only but for a moment.

His face, a plain emotionless mask was etched with layers of soot and filth. His feet bare. His once strong, lean body now weak and worn clothed in nothing but rags, withstanding the low temperature and chilly winds.

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Shattered, he lay bleeding


He thrived for acceptance, reading into every little gesture or action, replaying it over and over in his head till he had dissected every aspect of it and completely transformed it into something beyond recognition. But still he lacked satisfaction.

Thriving to compete, wanting nothing more than to be taken and treasured, he spent his days and nights obsessing.Soon his obsession began to define him. Slowly but surely moulding him into someone completely devoid of life. He was like  an empty shell so very hollow from within.
His one goal in life had become a crucial part of whom he had become and so in a bid to make himself wanted, he began to lose the very thing his life had once balanced upon-his uniqueness and ability to find hope.
Standing at the very brink of indecisiveness, his life lay in the balance as he set his heart on the line once more.

Was this it? He often questioned himself. Yet with each question came rejection.  As he lay awake drowning in self despair and misery, his little remaining hope swayed and plummeted.

Like many others around him, he had allowed all hope to die.. Staring into his beautiful eyes once so full of life, all I saw was a lost defeated man so full of sorrow.

Nadia Nawaz

Such is life, so dream with me

It was another one of those nights. She had awakened so suddenly, gasping in terror as she clutched the thin blanket wrapping it tightly around her frail self. She sat up and gently rocked her body forward and backward as she tried to calm herself down. Continue reading


His mind and thoughts once so easily readable and laid out completely bare for her to see, were now as untraceable as the tracks of a camel in a desert after a sand storm.It was like a shadow had been cast over his heart. A thick blanket covered his mind hiding from her anything which might make him as vulnerable and easily breakable as he had once been. Continue reading

Through Chaos, the sun surely shines

Confused, dishevelled and entangled so badly were the various images in her mind that her nights and days seemed like a haze. A mesh of a million thoughts, words and emotions all interwoven somehow,  causing her to ride through the storm and hold on tightly as the tide carried her through the crashing waves so intent on breaking her resolve. Continue reading