Echoes of the heart

Location: Cancun, Mexico

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother”-Khalil Gibran

His eyes spoke volumes holding within them secrets heavily guarded as he stared out across the water, watching the ripples form with the gentle wind that carried them across its surface. A rage, smouldering deep within him continued to fester and build as his eyes seared with its powerful pull. Unintentionally his fists clenched around the iron bars of the grid, separating the water from the lower stone wall. His strong hands, knuckles white and hard kept a firm grip on the bar, unyielding as the anger continued to build within him.

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Wild like the wind


A tide of thoughts crashed against the shore of her mind, overlapping one another  continuing in a fast succession unwilling to cease despite her incessant attempts to block them out.

Each thought carried with it a memory, creating a fuzzy warmth so rapidly overcome by an unmerciful cold.

Completely overwhelmed and engulfed by this confused crash of swiftly changing occurrences within her mind, she drifted through time in a blur.

Moments melted into hours, hours drifted into days and days transitioned into weeks. Time swept her off her feet and in a regretful daze she travelled through, watching it seep through her fingers yet somehow always at a loss on how to keep up..

nadia nawaz

Clouded over

Sitting alone, in the corner of a busy café overlooking the street, she looked up at the obscure sky.  With each passing hour the temperature seemed to fall a degree lower, as the icy winds mercilessly whipped across each passer-by’s face causing them to huddle and dig their hands even deeper into their pockets, their faces red and blistered.Her breath had fogged up the glass and she moved her face away, slowly drawing patterns  on it with her finger.

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