The overwhelming darkness

Solitude-600x450He was a man of few words yet the very few he did speak portrayed a multitude of various sides, giving him a raw and mysterious aura.On the exterior he looked younger than his years with a boyish smile, dusky brown hair and greenish gold eyes which held within them bottomless depths. They lit up and sparkled whenever he smiled inducing a similar sense of joy and delight into the person gazing into them.

Often he was unable to overcome the miserable darkness which had continued to consume his over the years. It ate him up on the inside, causing his thoughts to freeze and an immeasurable sense of solitude and sadness wash over him. Like a termite continuing to slowly penetrate deeper and deeper, his pain and hurt intensified with time and the walls he built around him became stronger.

The path he had long before set out on had threatened to overcome him with its continuous trials and tests. He had laboured on and taken it all in stride, always looking for that lost ray of light in a world otherwise consumed by darkness.

Absorbed in thought he walked aimlessly along the darkened path. The beating of his heart was an audible thud which reverberated in his ears causing them to ring as his chest heaved up and down with the onslaught of emotions which overwhelmed him.

So this was it he questioned. Life was nothing more than a long hard battle, a stretch of nothingness, a series of miscalculated events. His resolve fluttered in the chilly night air and he continued along the darkened path, burying his hands deeper into his pockets.As his feet continued to pass over the gravel in the same methodical rhythm he wondered to himself. In all his years, in a world so populated he had never felt so impossibly alone…

nadia nawaz

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