To living..


People come and go and giving up and letting them be is something she never saw herself doing.
She was always one to hold on to that tiny particle of hope no matter how small..
All that had changed for her. She began to see the more that life had to offer and the amount of wasted time she was spending hoping for something or someone who was so unwilling to give anything back.
And so she finally made a decision, a resolve to let it all be. She had finally stopped trying, stopped wishing and stopped making the effort she was so used. And she realised she had never felt more alive..


nadia nawaz

Mind Games


It was an overwhelming feeling, one of utter insanity yet at the same time a complete liberation.

Lost within the deep recesses of a story made up solely by her own imagination she remained.

Plagued by uncertainty, yearning for a reprieve.

A twisted mind game where she was but a player among many others in a story waiting to unfold…

nadia nawaz