On Graduating, end of University life and some startling confessions-Brace yourself

               Can't wait for my convocation ceremony!

Can’t wait for my convocation ceremony!

Day 8..

So its been 8 days since my result was announced and I officially became a graduate. Having gone through the British University system, I was awarded a first class Hons.Degree in Information Technology. *Proud moment*

Tick Tock.. The time is 3.40 a.m! I should have been asleep over an hour ago, yet here I lay in a darkened room staring at the illuminated screen of my laptop hoping I can make it through this post without having to correct those pesky typo’s. *Bear with me please, I have no patience for editing*

Its been about a week since I’ve stepped out of my house.Literally. Those eye bags I acquired over the course of my final year due to lack of sleep and the insane tan I got from this extreme amount of sun we seem to be having this summer, are finally disappearing.Hurrah!

Those daily, four-hour train journeys have ended. That mounting sense of responsibility, dread of being a failure, inability to comprehend people’s bullshit and hours of struggling with coursework as well as that added exam stress has momentarily lifted.

Yes I know, I should be euphoric at this point – planning a wonderful future ahead, mentally checking off that long list of countries I promised myself  I would visit, exchanging mushy messages with a lover/potential husband/fiancée, basking in the freedom of a worry free future with the world at my fingertips… But here I am instead tapping away at this hour of the night churning out my frustrations to the world. (And I call myself an insanely private person, but I am)

Graduating is weird. It’s a silly overrated concept of finally entering the best years of your life, when in actuality its a kick in the ass and a great big shove through the door of adulthood-ism.

Through the course of your education you may have thought expectations surrounding you were high, but now suddenly you’re on the highest level of the expectation barometer! Questions such as ‘So when are you getting married?’, ‘Why isn’t your daughter engaged yet?’, ‘Let me introduce you to my son-so handsome, he’s perfect for you’, ‘Don’t you have a job yet?’, ‘What are you doing these days?’, ‘So what next?’, ‘What’s the plan?’, ‘You’re 21 years old, about time you settled down no?’ etc pour forth and drown you, left right and centre.

So here I am, plan-less, lover-less (Trust me, I almost had the perfect one and its killing me!), Job-less, Money-less, but completely content at being unemployed for now, just floating between escalating moments of relief, hopelessness and a constant feeling of being completely stagnant both emotionally and mentally..

The fact that I graduated feels like a distant memory, which resurfaces now and again bringing back that much-needed sense of accomplishment.

dog-graduation (1)


Nadia Nawaz



2 thoughts on “On Graduating, end of University life and some startling confessions-Brace yourself

  1. Congratulations on graduating anyway, Nadia! Just recently out of a lot of frustration and mixed feelings of sadness and morbidity, I told one of my elder friends who is fresh graduate, “Hey Faiza! Man, I want to fast forward these remaining three years of my medical school already and want to be a graduate.” She replied exactly the same words, “Graduation is overrated, Hira. And you’ll realize the gravity of these words once you’re a graduate yourself, you’ll know how inspiration-less, plan-less and jobless (lol) you’ll become, you’ll miss these years of hard work, all nighters, low energy, puffy eyes, hectic routine, dying hours. Enjoy them till they last!”

    But n nonetheless every phase of life has its own charm, graduation would hopefully lead to practical life and that is a separate beautiful struggle in itself, to run for the life’s race.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Hira! 😀 Really appreciate the kind words..
    Your friend is absolutely right! Enjoy yourself while you’re there, make as many friends as you can take a ton load of pictures and just sit back and give yourself a break once in a while. Uni has recently ended for me and I’m already nostalgic!
    Can’t imagine what medical school must be like, but a huge amount of respect for you and all doctors out there!
    Keep at it lovely 🙂

    I’ve been away from blogging for sooo long, but I will definitely will stop by yours and see how you’re doing.

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