I guess this is Goodbye

Disappointment is like a leash around my throat, threatening to strangle me as it slowly tightens with each passing second. The thought of being let down in such an unfathomable way is surreal. But the stark reality of the situation, the finality of the decision and the suddenness with which everything has unfolded is something which cannot be ignored. The very part of us that allows us to open up, trust people and let them get close is the humanness which makes us imperfect, susceptible  to harm and just like that we begin to deem ourselves incapable of being loved. Blaming our own poor judgement and openness is just so easy yet it’s the biggest fault of all..



His mind and thoughts once so easily readable and laid out completely bare for her to see, were now as untraceable as the tracks of a camel in a desert after a sand storm.It was like a shadow had been cast over his heart. A thick blanket covered his mind hiding from her anything which might make him as vulnerable and easily breakable as he had once been. Continue reading