Recognition-How divine!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the simplest of things can make you smile, and turn a completely lousy day into just the opposite.

The exact thing happened to me a couple of days ago. Being bogged down with work, sleep deprived and completely exhausted I was in no fit state to be looked upon. I logged into word press during my lunch break and was surprised to find I had been nominated for a beautiful blogger award.

My happiness knew no bounds. It’s been awhile since I’ve got any kind of recognition and the very fact that fcg has not only taken the time to read my random thoughts, but has also nominated me is extremely flattering. Here I must take the time to really thank her. You really made my day!

Check out her blog for some very amusing, interesting and hilarious posts!

The rules, as I’ve been told here are that I must:

a) Write seven interesting things about myself, b) Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve this award, c) Let them know about the nomination!

So let’s get cracking! Prior warning: You might want to stop here. I in no way claim to be an interesting personality in any way, shape or form. In fact I bet you could almost fall asleep after the first few…

1- People tell me I have a knack for photography. Personally I find this absurd and always point out how the pictures only come out as good as the image itself. I love to take pictures of nature, especially the sunset. Each day ends more beautiful than the last and I stand there watching the sun set, phone in hand ready to capture the end of each day.

The sunset-from my bedroom window

The sunset-from my bedroom window

Another sunset- also from my bedroom window

Another sunset- also from my bedroom window

2- I appreciate people who don’t always feel the need to fill the silence and keep chatting. As a quiet person myself, I’m completely content to let others talk and just sit and listen.

3-I love the idea of travelling, enjoy reaching the destination and seeing new things but absolutely detest having to sit in an aeroplane just to get there. Part of the reason for this is that I have this sudden urge to throw up as soon as I enter the plane. I guess it’s this psychological thought of flying that makes my stomach turn inside out along with that strange aeroplane smell.I have never completed a plane journey without vomiting. Not puking while landing or taking off is a skill I have yet to master!

4- I grew up with a very bad obsession regarding my height. Though I’m not particularly short, being a couple of inches over five feet, throughout my childhood I somehow always ended up being in a class full of exceptionally tall girls. Also my sports teacher liked rubbing salt in the wound, making me feel like a midget despite me being quite normal. Thankfully however, this obsession dimmed overtime and I am not completely at ease with myself. What helps, is knowing a number of people who are actually quite a bit shorter than me. (So ha! Take that sports teacher).

5- I love fruit. Be it any fruit, with no particular favourite. I am in absolutely no way a food conscious person and I’d rather not have salad with my dinner but when it comes to fruit, I can never say no! To some it may seem odd, but I guess it must be something to do with my genes, for you see my dad is big as a fruit lover as I am.

6-I can never ever remember the titles of books I read. In fact I often read a book and end it without even knowing what it’s called. Since I love reading, the author’s name or summary at the back of the book suffice whenever I pick them out. The disadvantage of this is that when people ask me to recommend books, I’m at a loss of what to suggest.

7- I’m a very light sleeper, waking at the slightest of sounds. I also have very strange dreams of people I barely know, friends and family. In fact I tend to dream almost every night but always fail to make sense of what they were about.

If you’ve made it to the end of this, then very well done to you! I may not be that hopeless after all!

Now for the fun part, I must nominate other blogger I feel deserve this award. Below is a list of blogs I enjoy visiting, in no particular order.



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All these bloggers each have something beautiful to say and their writings have touched me. Some have inspired me to be a better writer. Also I can’t forget the blogger-fcg who nominated me and many others who have spent the time to go over my articles and leave their comments. I really do appreciate all the feedback, criticism, likes, follows and reads!

My blogging addiction

This is so true!

This is so true!

I never really knew how addictive writing could become. It’s a lot like young love, slowly developing and then rapidly blooming over time. It is also beautifully therapeutic. I started this blog just as a simple past time. Somewhere I could go and jot down all my random thoughts, stuff that troubles and inspires me and somewhere I can hopefully go back to in years to come and see how far I’ve come, the changes my mind has gone through as well as reflect on all that I learn as time goes on.

But what I never really expected was that this blog would slowly become a part of me, a tiny fragment around which my thoughts revolve. A journey through which I am learning so much, reading the things other bloggers have to say, sharing ideas and information, partaking in all our collective little joys as well as sympathising and being able to relate to many others and the problems which they face.

I can now say that I am in love with blogging, completely and truly. After having now expressed my profound love for blogging above, I have decided to write down all the reasons which make this experience so special, in the very hopes that I will be able to convince some of my other friends (Yes Zaira I’m looking at you!) to join in and get blogging!

  • The best part of blogging is the fact that it opens up a doorway for you to express yourself. It is a platform where you can write to your heart’s content without any restrictions, reservations or objections. It’s your very own little domain. There are no boundaries to hold you back in this little world. You can express yourself completely without having to hesitate
  • Once you click that little ‘publish’ button, your work is out there for the entire world to see. No nasty editors refusing to publish your article and no having to wait in line just to be given due attention.
  • Each little notification be it a little ‘like’, a new follower or a comment (be it good or bad criticism) is like a gentle hug received and treasured with utmost care.
  • Another aspect which I truly love is that no matter where you live, or how you write someone, somewhere out there will be willing to give your little “piece of randomness” a read. And this in itself is the best encouragement and appreciation one can get. My little stat’s page has now become the centre of my adoration (I admit this proudly without the slightest hint of embarrassment).
  • Each blog posts is like a little outlet, where you can go vent out everything on your mind until that little voice inside of you has had its fill, voiced its opinion and declared its insecurities and finally found a sense of satisfaction.
  • And then how can I forget that little “Reader” Section which not only allows you to view what other bloggers have recently updated but keeps track of every single blog you’ve followed, alerting you to any new entry they make.

There are many more reasons which have me so engrossed in my little blog world but if I were to carry on I might never stop! So do you share my love and addiction too or am I the only nutter around?

To each his own

I have a friend who thinks I’m a complete crack pot for filling up pages upon pages of random blog posts.  He along with many others, doesn’t get the point of why my blog has me so hitched that at times I think it has permanently taken up residence in a part of my brain, screaming to be given due thought and attention.

But blogging aside, what I don’t understand is his, along with many other of my friend’s point blank refusal to read not only my blog, but any form of literature. After much observation I have come to the conclusion that there are basically two types of people in this world. Us normal mortals, who can’t go a day without some form of literally context passing under our noses, and the “abnormal” ones who would rather sit and die of boredom than even touch a book.

Both these categories of people fail to understand one another. The so-called book worms don’t get how people can overlook all that treasure, hungrily waiting to be read and absorbed-I for one, consider it one of the best past times. It’s almost like you’re inside a complete different world, somewhat of an escape. Despite that I also don’t agree with completely burying oneself inside one’s books and becoming a complete nerd, making you socially inept and incapable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy-And then there is that second category of people, who idle away their talent over useless pastimes, never going near a book for fear of catching some fatal disease.  At times like that I always remember that quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero

“To each his own”

I have always wondered what brings on that complete love for reading. Maybe it’s something in the genes that has to be inherited, or maybe it’s just something which is developed over time. But there’s one thing for certain, reading is like a cigarette. You either love it or hate it, and once addicted it’s often hard to let go.