Me and my random ramblings!

Here I am, sitting with my laptop perched on my lap, doing a few odds and ends which usually occupy a good few hours of my day at the most, wondering what to do with this large white sheet of paper spread across my screen, silently screaming to be filled with the million random thoughts that are going round and round in my head making it spin like a merry-go-round. And while I sit here wondering what-to and what-not-to write about without people labelling me as a complete Nutter, a rather odd thought has pushed itself to the surface of my already brimming mind.

Isn’t it funny how we humans generally like to categorize people among us into different types? We have all these stereotypes of what a perfect man or woman should be like, how they should dress, behave, act, talk and the works…

I always wondered if these stereotypes existed within the animal kingdom. After much observation and a careful analysis of the number of pets I’ve come across at different friends and family’s houses (we don’t keep pets owing to the fact that one of my sisters has a huge fear of all living creatures apart of humans-literally) within my short life, I’ve come to the conclusion that animals are not as gifted as humans when it comes to complicated task of labelling the odd balls among them.

A funny clip I came across on the internet

A funny clip I came across on the internet

But what has really got me thinking is this:

Humans are the most intelligent of the created beings on this earth, supposing it was the other way around and animals were the ones in charge.

Wouldn’t it be comical to one day wake up to have a donkey, dressed as a post man standing at your front door with the morning delivery? And then going to the bus stop; waiting for the bus only to find the bus being driven by a kangaroo or a wolf!

It would not only be hilariously ridiculous, I’m sure a lot of us will finally have the chance of overcoming those animal phobias we are so afraid to admit.

Yes I know you’re also secretly afraid of getting too close to a donkey. You never know when it might have that sudden crazy urge of swinging its hind leg and hitting you right across the face. Though sometimes I do wish all donkeys were as interesting as “Donkey” from Shrek.

Donkey from Shrek-Isn't he dashing?!

Donkey from Shrek- Isn’t he dashing?!

But as usual I think my imagination has gotten the better of me. And so until that next burst of randomness hits me, happy reading!

Hope you enjoy the rest of my articles. You can bank on the fact that they’re nowhere near as pointless as this one.