Crushed, defeated, overwhelmed, and overcome by feelings too deeply rooted and an attachment so intertwined within her she finally gave up.

To her it seemed that with each passing moment her care for him grew and blossomed like the flowers in spring. It seemed that being apart and blocking him out, cutting him off completely had not been the solution. She knew now, because she had tried it and failed.

The hesitation inside grew and spread around her. That uncertainty and confusion clouded her mind and filled her eyes with tears. The feeling of not knowing how life had played him, was too strong to let go of and fashioned her year into one of constant pain and misery. It thudded along with every beat of her heart settling at the deepest pit inside of her chaining her captive once and for all..

nadia nawaz

A prisoner of words,r:51,s:0,i:240&iact=rc&dur=257&sig=114815246213526627235&page=4&tbnh=176&tbnw=250&start=51&ndsp=19&tx=125&ty=136

When he wrote words seemed to flow out of him in a never-ending sequence,one followed by another in perfect succession. He created a masterpiece  giving life to the secrets buried deep within his soul. Like the magic of music flowing from a flute they too created within me  a whirl of mind numbing emotions.I was lost within the moment, captivated by the power of the sentences spread across the paper unable to move as images were conjured up before my eyes. Continue reading