Is Facebook slowly eradicating our ability to confidently express ourselves? Out goes real world, in comes cyber world!

It was funny how the other day my sister and I had a complete conversation on facebook despite being in the same house at the same time,only separated by a single flight of stairs.

I was upstairs on my laptop and her phone started to ring.I tried shouting down the stairs a couple of times, but since she was wearing headphones, while chatting away to her friend’s on facebook she either ignored me completely or didn’t hear at all.

I then resorted to the easiest solution available without having to get up off my bed. A facebook message, knowing fully well that I would get some kind of response right away. Of course I was right, and of course I did get a reply within seconds, warning me that if I were to even touch her phone I would regret it till the day I died. Now here I must mention that though being two years younger than me, my sister happens to look more my age than I do personally. Often people mistake me for the younger one. I have come to expect this now, and choose to silently endure or else  ignore the sudden and shocked exclamations aunties always make if my mother happens to mention I’m older.( Just in case you were wondering,no I do not have any physical defects Thank God.I just happen to have a slightly childish face,more the likes of a 16-year-old than an almost 20-year-old woman.But hey,maybe looking younger will help me in the longer run!)

Now no need to look so aghast, for my sister did not carry out her threat. I would not be sitting here boring you with the tale, had she acted upon it. In fact not long after she completely forgot about her phone, until many hours later. She would never dare harm me in any way; neither do I take her seriously for I’ve comes to understand that these are nothing more than empty threats, completely normal in any household and a healthy form of sibling bonding.Even If I do say so only to console myself. For all those of you who are  at this current stage of their lives-you probably know exactly what I mean!

Though it was fun at the time,looking back now I find this form of virtually communicating through facebook rather amusing and somewhat sad. This has got me thinking,will there be a time in the future when we no longer require the need to express our feelings verbally. When the sole method of relating to others or voicing our opinions will be through virtual means through a computer or behind a mobile phone screen?

I read an article a couple of years ago highlighting this very issue. Facebook and other such social networking sites have impacted us in ways we cannot imagine.These websites have caused us to become more and more reliant upon virtual means of communication.That analysis was made quite a while back.Imagine our current state all these years later.

People now find it harder to have a proper conversation with another face-to-face. Making, and then keeping steady eye contact has become more and more difficult and people find it easier  instead to display their feelings or express themselves through other means such as facebook messaging, a status update or maybe even through a like.

Will spoken words soon become a thing of the past? Will real relationships no longer have the same meaning they had for us in the past? Will a husband text his wife good night instead of lovingly hugging her before bed time? It’s definitely something to think about. What are your thoughts regarding this very issue which i think could take the shape of a crisis.Do you agree ?? Please leave your thoughts below,would love to hear from you all.