The “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant” – Day 1

3rd June’2012- As the sun began to set across the grey sky leaving behind a glowing faint redness similar to the blushing cheeks of a young girl, it also marked the end of the first day in a three-day celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in England.

Queen Elizabeth-II

Queen Elizabeth-II

The day started with a pretty dismal beginning. The cold wind blew with a rage and the grey skies beat down rain mercilessly upon the crown gathered across the many bridges along the River Thames to pay homage to one of the greatest women of the country.At age 86, Queen Elizabeth the II marks her 60 year reign in the country amid a series of festivities, more of which we are to observe as the week progresses.

The most interesting factor of the entire day was to witness the zeal and enthusiasm of all people within the country, their display of patriotism and the vigour with which they waved their flags and shouted cheers for Her Majesty.

The enthusiastic display of patriotism by the masses

The enthusiastic display of patriotism by the masses

British people aren’t really known to express their enthusiasm as such-I say this having had encountered a number of people displaying a general lack of it on a number of occasions-However today their eagerness knew no bounds as they were lined up across the bridge, braving bad weather conditions since as early as 6 a.m. in the morning to witness the “Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant”

The Queen, along with the other members of the Royal family were afloat the Royal Barge which was decorated by an array of intricate gold and red markings, symbolising royalty and grandeur.

The Royal Barge

The Royal Barge

The whole river came to life as a thousand different boats wound their way in and out of the currents manned by powerful men and athletic women who demonstrated a great deal of spirit and passion in their rowing.

The flotilla of 1000man-powered boats

The flotilla of 1000 man-powered boats

The highlight of the whole event was when the Royal Barge, having made its way past the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, steadily wound through The Tower Bridge which was lifted completely especially for this occasion.

The grand finale of the event was the performance by the Royal orchestra and as the music drew to a close, and the final ring of the trumpets resonated across the evening skies, fireworks exploded amid a humongous uproar of cheers, laughter and applause from the crowds lining the river from all sides.

The display of fireworks across The Tower Bridge

The amazing display of fireworks across The Tower Bridge

This was only the beginning of a series of great events which took three years of thorough planning and detailed organising to make it possible to execute on this day. And as all of Britain is geared up in the mood of celebrating, we are yet to see more of equally superb moments.

Till then, Happy holidays to all my fellow Brits! 🙂

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