Endless summer nights


In the dead silent of the night, her recollections created a web of frayed images inside her head and words poured out of her effortlessly. The stillness and loneliness of the darkness engulfed her within its vastness, wrapping itself around her in a mercilessly tight grip.

Her thoughts soared and receded unwilling to settle at a comfortable hum inside her head. Her mind clouded over and she felt himself drown, lost within the suffocating sweetness of the moment. Throughout it all one steady noise reverberated across her ears. The thud of her agitated heart as it continued to steadily beat to its own rhythm never once failing her.

Nadia Nawaz

A prisoner of words


When he wrote words seemed to flow out of him in a never-ending sequence,one followed by another in perfect succession. He created a masterpiece  giving life to the secrets buried deep within his soul. Like the magic of music flowing from a flute they too created within me  a whirl of mind numbing emotions.I was lost within the moment, captivated by the power of the sentences spread across the paper unable to move as images were conjured up before my eyes. Continue reading